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What if?

Shakin Bones Time…. as I get older and more seasoned as an early childhood specialist I can’t help reflect on my practices with young children. Where did these ideas come from? Why do I think they are best for children? So the What If questions begin to consume my thought processes. (You are not going to like some of these questions, but you must be use to me by now)

What if we no longer had areas, house, blocks, art, etc. knowing that learning is integrated not isolated?

What if we no longer had nap time, but allowed children to rest when they are tired?

What if we no longer had mealtimes, but allowed children to eat when

they are hungry?

What if we no longer had lesson plans, but allowed children to create their own schedule and experiences?

What if we no longer tried to change a child, but adults made changes to fit children’s needs and interests?

What if PLAY was not a child’s work, but a child’s reality…?

Just asking.

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