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Child Development

Looking Through the Eyes of Boys and Girls – Looking at the differences between boys and girls, their learning styles; feelings and environmental needs.


Self – Esteem: It Is Not Something You Give – Discusses the signs to look for in low self-esteem and strategies for supporting children to feel better about themselves.


Creating the “Thinking” Child – Looking at what it takes to help children develop critical thinking skills.  Both environment and curriculum issues are addressed.


Unlocking the Creative Spirit – Looking at what creativity is and how to provide an atmosphere to support creative development in children.


Preventing the Extinction of Childhood – Presenting signals in our society that indicate childhood as being removed and what we can do as parents/teachers to help children be children.


Children Who Color Outside of the Lines – How Do We Ignite Children’s Creativity? - Understanding how to develop the creative process in children. Guidelines for optimum creativity.


Celebrating the Active Child – Looking at the characteristics of active children and how to support their development.

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