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Past Presentations

Supporting the Successful Team

Alberta Family Child Care Association

Self Esteem It is Not Something You Give 

Keynote Blast Off Conference, Mississippi

Keynote, Ohio AEYC

CECA Conference, Kansas City, Keynote

Supporting the Active Child

Keynote, Saskatoon, SK

Preventing the Extinction of Childhood

Keynote, AFCCA, Calgary, AB

Keynote, JAEYC, Oregon

Dillon, CO

Keynote, Iowa AEYC, Des Moines, Iowa

More Then Flesh Colored Markers

SECA, New Orleans, LA

Are You Smarter Than a Preschooler? 

Keynote, NAPTA, Edmonton, Alberta

WCCAA, Milwaukee, WI, Keynote

Developing the Thinking Child

Keynote, Ready School Project, Illinois

Supporting Children Who Take Us to the End of Our Rope

Keynote, GOAEYC

Keynote, Lexington Schools

Keynote, NHAEYC

Keynote, YMCA Greater Los Angeles, CA 

Keynote, WECA, Milwaukee, WI

Kids First, Aspen, CO and Glenwood, CO

Indiana AEYC

Who’s In Control Here, Power Struggles and Young Children

Vancouver, BC

What About Those Boys?

Utah Department of Education, Keynote, Provo, Utah/ Utah AEYC

Creating the Thinking Child

Keynote, Madison, WI

Boys and Literacy, Early Childhood Education Council

Saskatoon, Canada

Supporting Children Who Color Outside the Lines

Family Child Care Association, Calgary and Red Deer, Alberta Canada

Boys, Changing the Classroom, Not the Child

NAEYC, Anaheim, CA

Looking Through the Eyes of Boys and Girls

International Cooperative Nurseries

Extinction of Childhood

Government Services Agency, Washington DC

Looking Thru the Eyes of Boys and Girls 

TAIP Confernece, Tokyo, Japan

Boys Changing the Classroom, Not the Child

NAEYC, Atlanta, Georgia

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