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Emotional Development

Play Creates a Sense of Belonging Looking at how the major goal in EC programs should be to establish a Sense of Belonging.  Through Play how does that develop?


Who’s In Control Here? Power Struggles and Young ChildrenLooking at the differences between teacher controlled environments and child-controlled environments.  Strategies to help children develop self-control are discussed.


Helping Children Adjust to ChangeLooking at the number of changes that take place in children’s lives and what adults can do to help them adjust to these changes.


Supporting the Needs of the Child Who Is Troubled – Looking at the 10 most common unmet needs of children who are troubled and strategies of support.


Supporting Children Who Take Us to the End of Our RopeLooking at the major causes of challenging behaviors? And strategies to support this child.


I Am a Toddler What Do You Expect?Discussion of what  toddlers are  like and activities and strategies to support their emotional self?


Creating Caring and Cooperative Environments for ChildrenWhat is needed to provide an environment and curriculum that supports the building of empathy, respect and belonging.


What Don’t You Understand? Helping Develop Emotionally Secure ChildrenWhat does it take to help develop emotionally secure children.


Faster Then A Speeding Bullet: Supporting Superhero PlayWhy is superhero play so popular and how to create positive techniques for supporting this type of play.


Developing Power BuildersProviding children with power experiences that will prevent lots of power struggles.  What do those Power Builders look like?


Red Rover, Red RoverLets Bring Back Roughhousing – Why is roughhousing so important for development?  Games and activities that promote power.

Do We Only Want Happy Children? Helping Children Develop Anger Releases – Encouraging children to demonstrate all feelings in positive ways.


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