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Curriculum and Environment

Play A Child’s Sense of Reality - Looking at Peter Gray’s 5 definitions of PLAY and how to implement them in EC programs.


Warning! Play Is on the Extinction ListLooking at what children learn from play and how to provide environments that support this learning.


I Can’t Sing, But They Don’t CareAudience participation session, with many songs, finger plays and chants being shared.


Lets Move and GrooveThis is an active participation session. Demonstration of many appropriate movement activities are explored.


Supporting Children Who Color Outside the LinesDiscussion of why children are becoming less creative? How do we create an environment and curriculum that support creativity?


Diversity: It’s more then Flesh Colored MarkersDiscussion of diversity as being a philosophy/belief and/or attitude not classroom activities.


Invitations to LearningDemonstrating the two most common “invitations” that are sent out to children and how they support different types of learning.


Get Them OutsideThe importance of outdoor play is discussed with experiences that support natural play.

What the Hell! Where Did You Get That Idea – Review of our practices and how they were developed.

Make Time For FightingDeveloping activities for roughhousing, war play and typical fighting. 

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