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Daniel Hodgins offers a variety of exciting, interactive and educational presentations. 

These can be formatted into keynotes, workshops or seminars.


Contact for more information.

Looking Through the Eyes of Boys and Girls – Looking at the differences between boys and girls, their learning styles; feelings and environmental needs.

Supporting Children Who Take You To The End of Your Rope – What are the causes for the increase in challenging behaviors?  Strategies to support the development of self-control.

Supporting Children Who Color Outside the Lines – How to develop a climate that supports creativity in early childhood settings.

Make Me: Power Struggles and Young Children – Looking at what causes power struggles and how to prevent them.

Supporting the Active Child – How to support the child that is “full of life” in the classroom.

Preventing the Extinction of Childhood – Presents signals in our society that indicate childhood is being removed and what we can do as parents/teachers to help children be children.

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