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Shakin Bones Time...

Shakin Bones Time…. Where did we get the idea that children who Share are better than children who decide not to Share? Statements like, “We Share Our Toys in School” is in contradiction to the belief and practice that young children are very egocentric. Being egocentric does not mean they are selfish, it means they don't often recognize that others have the same needs and requests that they have. So not sharing is more of a practice then sharing. Young children need to feel that they “own it” before they are willing to consider giving it up. So rather then “We Share Our Toys in School”, consider making this statement, “You decide if you want to give it up”. Usually the question from adults is, “At What age do children start sharing?” The simple answer is, when they recognize the needs and interests of others. Do you know adults who are not there yet?

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