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Getting "Ready" for Kindergarten

Shakin Bones Time…. Kindergarten is not about getting children “ready” it is about getting the environment they are going into “ready”. The best way to make that happen is to help our families become aware of what to look for in choosing a kindergarten environment.

What to look for?

· A teacher that bends down to a child’s eye level when they are talking to each other

· A curriculum that allows more child directed time than teacher directed time

· A classroom that gives children an opportunity to be creative, (art, music, block building, etc.}.

· A discipline policy that prevents, rather than punishes

· A schedule that provides lots of outdoor time

· A classroom that encourages family volunteers

· A climate that supports children learning at their own pace and their own way

· A classroom that supports the active child (running, climbing, jumping, etc.)

· A classroom that accepts all children

· A classroom that puts PLAY at the top of the list of learning tools

If you don’t find a kindergarten environment that looks like this, ask, “How can I help you make this a more child friendly environment?”

If you don’t find a kindergarten environment that is willing to change, grab your child’s hand firmly and “Run like hell”.


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