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Kindergarten Readiness

Shakin Bones Time – the other day I received a general flyer, from a school district, titled “Getting Kids Ready for Kindergarten” it was a pamphlet that listed activities to get young children “ready” for their Kindergarten experience. It included counting activities, scissor-cutting experiences, learning the alphabet and other “crap”. What the Hell? What if we changed our attitude about young children’s first experience in the big school world to “How Does My Classroom, Get Ready for Your Child?” Lets pretend that the kindergarten classroom’s focus is on Creating a Sense of Belonging. That means the teacher would prepare a classroom that is open-ended, child centered and welcoming to everyone that shows up to his/her door. Lets pretend that the classroom is set up so children make choices based on their interest and needs. Lets pretend that the school experience focus is on how children feel about themselves. Lets pretend that the teacher greets every child with, “I have been waiting for you”. Lets stop pretending, Lets make this happen! My goal is to help every parent/guardian know they have choices. If that experience for your child is not a positive one, take his/her hand firmly and “Run Like Hell”.

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