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Reading is About Relationships

Shakin Bones Time – where did we get the idea that reading a book should be at (“circle time “ or “group time”) I call it gathering time? I read every night before I go to sleep and I don’t call my neighbors up and tell them I am reading and come get into bed with me while I read to them. It’s

not natural! Reading is not about learning how to read or how to listen it is about relationships we establish. Reading side by side, in small groups or clusters, just sitting around with children asking questions, adding comments, laughing or crying over a book is more real and relevant. Placing books in all areas of the environment, including the bathroom, rather than a book or library area, says to children that, “books are a part of our everyday experience. The next time you pull a book out, to a group of children that did not have a choice, and begin to read to them and they are screaming, “I can’t see, I can’t see”. Ask yourself, “Where did I get this idea?”

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