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Stop Wasting Children’s Time

Shakin Bones Time… David Elkind has written, “Teachers have been reported to spend 71% of the day teaching information that is not relevant.” What the Hell? That means that children are in settings, where adults waste almost three fourths of the children’s day.

What’s not relevant?

  • Stop the Calendar, unless you have children attending meetings

  • Colors, can they make it through life without knowing their colors?

  • Shapes, what possible shape is relevant to them?

  • Numbers, what number is relevant to them? Maybe their age?

  • Manners, they only learn them through modeling not teaching

Kenneth Horn, PhD, says “information that is not relevant will be pruned from the brain within 5 minutes”. This means that children are pruning more information then is being stored in their brain.

Let's stop and think... is my job to waste children’s time or excite their curiosity?

Stop Wasting Their Time!

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