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Stop It!

Shakin Bones Time…There are many types of surveys, questionnaires, documents, that attempt to help people in the field of early childhood operate a quality program. It is not in these resources that make quality it is in the actions towards PLAY. Quality is not in how many “stars” you have earned, or in a “certificate” you attained, or even in completing accreditation. It is simply encouraging, allowing and developing PLAY experiences. My hope for 2020 is that we move towards providing true play opportunities for all children. Lets put a STOP to:

  • Stop “Teacher Crap”

  • Stop weekly “Lesson Plans”

  • Stop asking children to “Share”

  • Stop “Teachy/Preachy stuff

  • Stop “Walking Feet”

  • Stop “Cute” loose parts

  • Stop “This belongs in this area”

  • Stop preparing children for kindergarten

Make 2020 the year we move towards creating PLAY as our mission. Happy New Year.

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