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Shakin Bones Time... … In these times of concern and stress we cannot continue to ignore that diversity must be encouraged and supported at a young age. Diversity is not, how many books are available; or how many pictures/posters of families are on the walls; or cooking tacos on Tuesday; or labeling of items those children play with in different languages. It is about creating a "Sense of Belonging". It is a myth that children don’t notice differences in race, ethnicity, and gender…this begins around the age of two. Children who are two/three years of age ask about other children and adults physical characteristics and specific cultural acts, etc. That doesn’t mean we should become “Teachy/Preachy” but instead help children with the following:

  • It is healthy to notice differences.

  • Different does not mean bad.

  • It is OK to be curious.

The question is not if early childhood programs will make a difference, but, the kind of difference they will make. Be part of the difference!

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