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Shaking Bones Time...

Shakin Bones Time…Sitting in the airport, waiting for my delayed plane, started to people watch to gather material to be included in workshop presentations. I am usually never disappointed. People often do some very interesting, sometimes strange things that truly support a topic that I am presenting on. This time was no exception.

A mother placed her young toddler on a blanket on the floor. She was about to change his diaper. She had the dirty one off and forgot to bring the diaper bag down with her to the area she was changing the child at. So she got up to retrieve the diaper bag and within seconds the child stood up, “butt naked” and started to run down the aisle. She turned and saw the child running and laughing. She yelled, “Oliver come back here, mommy wants to put your diaper on”. He continues to run and she finally chases him and caught him. Brought him back and I could tell she was somewhat embarrassed over the incident. I was of course in pure delight. So most of you know by now, that I could not let this incident end with Mom feeling uncomfortable. So I said to Mom, “What a great way to air dry your butt”. “I am going to keep that in mind” She did not smile.

My plane had arrived and I was loading. I thought to myself, how much POWER did that young child feel as he was running, “butt naked” laughing down the hallway. Everyone is looking at how to attain power and it is done in so many different ways…


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