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Reenacting Fears

Shakin Bones Time… A child who has witnessed a traumatic event will reenact the event until it is no longer so traumatic. During these scary and traumatic times it is important to remember that adults often talk to each other about their fears. Young children often don’t talk about their fears but will reenact them through their play. It is crucial that we support and encourage this type of play.

Children will pretend to play “dead”. I have heard children scream out, “I am dying because I have the Virus” as they fall to the floor. Adults frequently want to step in and discuss this with children. Many times children just simply need to pretend play without interruptions from the adult.

Children might play “hospital” more frequently trying to fix other children or adults. Pretending to give needles, band-aids and other actions that they believe will keep someone feeling well. This play might include, doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc.

Christine Langley-Obaugh said, “We repeat what we don’t repair”. Children need the opportunity to repair through PLAY.

Keep Safe Out There!!!

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