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Shakin Bones Time…I am on a campaign! I hope you will help me. It is not a popular one, but by now you know that I often take on unpopular issues.

I want to help people in the EC field, who should not be in the field, to find jobs outside the field. There are many jobs outside the field that they could make more money in and not do unacceptable practices with children. We have to begin to hire people, not just a body, but someone who cares, understands and respects children. Not someone who does “teacher crap”; not someone who punishes; not someone who doesn’t believe in PLAY. We have been tiptoeing around this issue for way to long. Stop It.

If you are in a position to hire, there are three questions that I ask: 1. What do you believe about children? 2. What practices will you provide that supports this belief? 3. If you have to change how will you make this happen? If they say, “I love all children” that is a RED FLAG….

It’s time that we make the world a better place for children. They deserve it!

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