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Play Is On The Extinction List

SHAKIN BONES TIME – a major study by the National Children’s Bureau found that 50% of all children have been stopped from climbing trees, 21% have been banned from running on the playground and 17% have been told they cannot take part in games of tag or chase. I am very scared that PLAY is on the Extinction List…. We have plenty of evidence that PLAY is important for children’s growth and development:

  • Emotion and Cognition seems to increase during PLAY

  • Retention of information increases during natural PLAY

  • PLAY helps develop problem solving skills

  • When movement and language occurs during PLAY cognition increases

As early childhood professionals we must stop debating over should we have signs in the environment? What is process or products? What constitutes print rich environments? What is quality? And move to simply allow and encourage natural PLAY from going Extinct!

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