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Valentines Day

Shakin Bones Time…Valentine’s Day... What the Hell is that?

Valentine’s Day for young children is so wrong for so many reasons:

  • Children are egocentric (which means they have difficulty recognizing that other children have the same needs and interests as themselves)

  • Children typically would not initiate this experience of giving cards or gifts to someone else

  • Children should be involved in PLAY, chosen and directed by themselves

  • Children should be provided with experiences where the focus is on the process not the product

  • Children have difficulty understanding the abstract concept of LOVE

  • Children should be accepted for their culture, heritage, and faith differences, not all celebrate this event

Valentine’s Day is a celebration brought on by card, candy and gift companies. They do not know young children. When children are at a stage when they recognize that others exist, that is the time to look at exposure to experiences that reflect acceptance and caring of others. People ask, “What age does that occur?” Piaget would say around 7 – 9 years of age. I suggest maybe not until around 40….

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