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Graduation For Preschoolers? Stop It!

Shakin Bones Time…. Time for my annual rant about graduation ceremonies for young children. It is that time of year when I need to ask the question, “Who are graduation programs, that involve young children for?” Asking young children to get dressed up in caps and gowns and stand on stage to me is exploitation of children for adult pleasure!

Bev Bos, friend and teacher of the Roseville Community Preschool, at the end of her preschool year, had children carry boxes (called memory boxes) around the classroom. What she said to the children was, “go around the classroom and put things in your box that remind you of your time spent here” At tables, etc. were all kinds of containers filled with shells, ribbons, paper, nature items, etc. Some children filled their boxes; others might only put in one item. Children often conversed with other children and/or their parent about, “I remember when”. This experience is so natural both real and relevant.

How are graduation programs real and relevant?

Perhaps the solution, if you still want to do graduation, is to have parents dress up in caps and gowns and allow children to watch…

This year, look at how you might celebrate a passage of time, which would be appropriate for children: a picnic, family gatherings, a favorite book, or maybe a memory box.

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