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What the Hell is an “Inside Voice”?

Shakin Bones Time…the other day I visited a program and the teacher said, “Don’t forget boys and girls to use your “inside voices”. What the Hell is an “inside voice”? Can you imagine going to a restaurant and asking the host, “Could I have a table that I can use my “inside voice”? Young children often choose to be loud. They can be standing right next to you and declare, “I have to go pee!” not in a quiet voice but a rather loud one. Part of the reason for using a louder voice is getting recognized by the audience (hey world do you know I exist?) The real challenge with saying “inside voices” is the implication that “inside voices” is better than “outside voices”. That is not true…. both voices are good. When is the last time you heard someone say, “boys and girls don’t forget to use your “outside voices”? One voice is not better than the other it is just different. So children who use a loud voice need to be loud…children who choose to use a soft voice need to be soft and that is a good thing. CAN YOU HEAR ME?

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