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Holiday Gift Giving...

Shakin Bones Time…There is so much “crap” out there for a young child that is being promoted as appropriate gifts. Many are high tech, battery operated, and frequently don’t last very long. My measurement for a good “gift” is that it is real, authentic and hooked to an emotion. Here are some examples of gifts that fit this measurement that you might want to share with your parents. • Plungers for bathtub play, painting on paper, or just carrying it around on the top of your head • Briefcase filled with blank paper, ink pens, envelops, stampers, etc. • Tool kit with real rubber mallets, tape measure, screwdrivers, etc. • Tire pumps for putting air in almost anything • Masking tape, it comes in all sizes and colors • Lunch box filled with band aids, gauze pads, stethoscope, white tape and more for pretend doctor and nurse play • Suitcase filled with dress up clothes, boots, aprons, hats, etc. • Water toys including but not limited to turkey basters, colanders, plastic ups, etc. • Boxes all sizes and shapes such as jewelry boxes, gift boxes, appliance boxes and add markers and tape • Garden tools for digging in the ground, such as spades, shovels, bulb hole diggers, clippers, water cans, etc. • Hand floor sweepers for picking up crumbs, dirt and sand, or anything they wish to sweep up • Tent making kits, such as sheets, pillow cases, sheer curtains, etc. • Capes made from shiny material, pillow cases, t-shirts, just about anything • Clay fun, use natural clay, spray bottles, rolling pins, silverware for poking clay, etc. • Flashlights all sizes and shapes Many of these items can be purchased at thrift stores, hardware stores or yard sales. They will grow with the child and last a long time.

Keep gifts simple and real.

Happy Holidays!!

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